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Our motivation Why we do what we do

We were inspired to embark on this endeavor by the unfortunate loss of several people due to the burdens imposed by Long Covid and ME/CFS. Recognizing our responsibility as one of the less severely affected, we felt compelled to act through initiating a community-driven and crowdfunded conference project aimed at fostering change and paradigm shifts.

Core Team

  • Claus Ernst

    Claus, video producer/graphic designer, 42, lives in Germany. Suffering from Long COVID since January 2021 with ME/CFS symptoms, provides this project with visual design/animations and helps with networking.

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  • Marco Wetzel

    Marco, a determined 37-year-old from Germany, has been navigating Long Covid since July 2022. His roles encompass press coordination, acquisition, managing speaker relations, and pioneering UniteToFight.

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  • Diana Schneider

    Diana, 40, trained Pharmacist from Germany, is a Long Hauler since 2020. She is responsible for the thematic direction, outreach, and networking of our project, along with identifying key topics.

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  • Christoph Zamaitat

    Christoph, Web Developer, 37, living in Germany. Long Covid and ME/CFS fighter for 1.5 years, oversees the website, funding, and technical execution of the conference.

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  • Kim Schmid

    Kim, 37, expert Auction Coordinator from Germany. Affected by Long Covid since August 2022, she plays a pivotal role as co-organizer and promoter, driving the conference forward.

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