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Your questions, answered Frequently Asked Questions about the UniteToFight Conference

Do you have questions about the UniteToFight Conference? We're here to help! Our FAQ section provides clear answers to the most commonly asked questions. From registration details to participation and technical requirements – find everything you need to make your conference experience as smooth and informative as possible. Browse the topics below to discover quick solutions and valuable tips.

Your questions

  • Yes, we will publish all the videos on our website and YouTube after the conference.

  • For the live event we unfortunately can’t provide subtitles – automatic subtitling is not feasible for this highly medical topic because it would lead to many errors. After the conference we plan on adding subtitles in case we get enough help from the community. We would like to subtitle the videos, upload them and make transcripts available for download.

  • Videos, which will be subtitled after the conference, will also be made available as transcripts.

  • Registration for the conference is done without a password and is not connected to the conference dashboard. It is therefore necessary to register again, this time with a password.

  • No, the use of the dashboard is optional and does not restrict the conference experience in any way. The dashboard is purely an extension of our conference service for the community and the prerequisite for medical staff to collect CME points for their continuing education.

  • CME points can be collected by Pharmacists, Physicians, Psychotherapists and Dentists practicing in Germany.

    There are standing agreements for facilitated recognition with Austria (Österreichisch Akademie der Ärzte), Switzerland (SIWF), Canada (RCPSC) and the Netherlands (KNMG). Unfortunately no bilateral agreement with AMA (USA). Ask your local Chamber for recognition if you live in another country.

    For healthcare professionals interested in earning Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, our conference dashboard facilitates a streamlined process. While registration for the conference itself is sufficient to attend, a separate registration for the dashboard is compulsory for healthcare professionals seeking to collect CME credits. Here’s how you can ensure you receive your credits.

    1. Sign up for the conference dashboard here. (The dashboard is no longer maintained nor online)
    2. Attend the Sessions: A „Check-in“ button will appear in the session overview on your dashboard for each session. This button is crucial for tracking your participation.
    3. Confirm Your Participation: It is imperative to click the „Check-in“ button while the session is live. This action logs your attendance and is essential for validating your participation in real time.
    4. Complete the Session Block: CME credits are allocated based on complete session blocks. You must confirm your participation in every session within a block to qualify for these credits. This ensures that you have fully engaged with the content required for your professional development.
    5. Download Your Confirmation: After the conference, you can download your participation confirmation (with „EFN“ number if applicable) from the User Profile area of the dashboard. This document serves as proof of your engagement and is necessary for your CME credit certification.
  • We need support with translating and subtitling the conference videos after the conference. If you speak the following languages, please contact us: English, German, French, Spanish. Other languages may follow if there is a need.