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First International Conference on Long Covid and ME/CFS, #UniteToFight2024, Attracts Global Interest

Berlin, Germany – May 10, 2024 – The first international conference on Long Covid and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), #UniteToFight2024, is set to make a significant impact with its innovative approach and an outstanding lineup of speakers. This community-driven event offers a fresh perspective on the challenges and solutions in dealing with these often overlooked and misunderstood illnesses.

Organized by a five-person team directly affected by these conditions, #UniteToFight2024 transcends traditional conferences by establishing a digital platform for various stakeholders to foster dialogue and action in this critical health area.

“UniteToFight2024 is more than an event; it is a catalyst for change, breaking the boundaries of traditional approaches to tackle this devastating illness collectively,” said press officer Marco Wetzel, who is also responsible for speaker relations and acquisition.

The conference will take place on May 15 and 16 from 8:45 AM to 7:30 PM CEST. The program includes presentations from leading experts such as Akiko Iwasaki, Ron Davis, David Putrino, Carmen Scheibenbogen, Danny Altmann, and Resia Pretorius, who will present their latest research and strategies to combat Long Covid and ME/CFS. Additionally, the conference will highlight contributions from the patient community to emphasize the importance of comprehensive involvement.

Diana Schneider, who leads the thematic direction of the conference program and is responsible for speaker relations, acquisition, and the CME points accreditation process, explains: “With 15 community video contributions, 16 community keynotes and perspectives, and over 35 inspiring and distinguished speakers from New Zealand to Canada, #UniteToFight2024 is a unique experience. It sends a powerful message of empowerment showcasing unity in addressing Long COVID and ME/CFS while advocating for better care, more research, and awareness to end stigmatization.”

Shortly before the conference, #UniteToFight2024 has nearly 8,000 registrations from around the world, confirming the broad interest and relevance of the topic. The audience consists of patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and journalists, reflecting the diverse importance of this event.

“Worldwide, patients are fighting for adequate medical care and social security. It is important to me that the serious conditions Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Long COVID, and rare vaccine side effects are appropriately represented in public and medical circles. I am proud to contribute to the conference,” says Claus Ernst, responsible for creative direction and project management for videos related to the conference.

The opening ceremony, featuring a pre-recorded video message from German Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, highlights the significance of Long Covid and ME/CFS as urgent public health challenges.

Kim Schmid, responsible for public relations and campaigns, emphasizes: “I take pride in the impactful campaigns we have created to raise awareness for important causes. Sending out over 1,000 invitations to scientists, journalists, and politicians has been a significant effort, but one that I believe is crucial in spreading the message far and wide.”

“Organizing such a large, global event is a huge technical challenge and takes a lot of energy, especially from those of us affected by these diseases – I’m sure the effort will pay off for everyone in the end,” says Christoph Zamaitat, who is responsible for the technical implementation, website, and fundraising.

For more information on #UniteToFight2024, including registration details and the full conference program, please visit unitetofight2024.world.

About UniteToFight

UniteToFight was inspired by the tragic loss of several people to the effects of Long Covid and ME/CFS. In response, a group of less severely affected individuals has committed to bringing about a paradigm shift and real change through a community-driven and crowdfunded conference project.

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