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A Step-by-Step Guide Earning CME Credits

CME points can be collected by Pharmacists, Physicians, Psychotherapists and Dentists practicing in Germany. There are standing agreements for facilitated recognition with Austria (Österreichisch Akademie der Ärzte), Switzerland (SIWF), Canada (RCPSC), the Netherlands (KNMG). Unfortunately no bilateral agreement with AMA (USA). Ask your local Chamber for recognition if you live in another country. However, UniteToFight2024 has been accredited by the European Board for Accreditation of Continuing Education for Health Professionals (EBAC®️). Through an agreement between the EBAC®️ and the American Medical Association (AMA) physicians may convert EBAC®️ CE credits to AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™️. A fee is in place for the conversion of the points. Information on the process to convert EBAC credit to AMA credit can be found on the AMA website. For healthcare professionals interested in earning Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, our conference dashboard facilitates a streamlined process. While registration for the conference itself is sufficient to attend, a separate registration for the dashboard is compulsory for healthcare professionals seeking to collect CME credits. Here's how you can ensure you receive your credits.

  1. Sign up for the conference dashboard here.
  2. Attend the Sessions: A „Check-in“ button will appear in the session overview on your dashboard for each session. This button is crucial for tracking your participation.
  3. Confirm Your Participation: It is imperative to click the „Check-in“ button while the session is live. This action logs your attendance and is essential for validating your participation in real time.
  4. Complete the Session Block: CME credits are allocated based on complete session blocks. You must confirm your participation in every session within a block to qualify for these credits. This ensures that you have fully engaged with the content required for your professional development.
  5. Download Your Confirmation: After the conference, you can download your participation confirmation (with „EFN“ number if applicable) from the User Profile area of the dashboard. This document serves as proof of your engagement and is necessary for your CME credit certification.

    We will make the EIV notification by 30.05.2024 at the latest.If you have earned CME points, please fill out the evaluation form and send it back to us by e-mail to [email protected]: https://www.aekb.de/fileadmin/01_aerzt-innen/fortbildung/download-bereich/Fortbildungsveranstaltung_Evaluationsbogen.pdf

    If you need an EBAC certificate (colleagues USA) please contact us by e-mail.

    If you have acquired an EBAC certificate (important for colleagues from the USA) please fill in this questionnaire): https://services.ebac-cme.org/app/EBACMgmt/wa/poll?s=q4zo

  6. Streamlining Your Experience: We recommend keeping your dashboard open in one browser tab while streaming the conference in another. This setup will help you manage your participation effectively without missing any content.

By diligently following these guidelines, you will not only secure your CME credits but also gain valuable knowledge from our esteemed speakers. Ensure your schedule is well managed on the dashboard to take full advantage of all the educational opportunities our conference has to offer.